Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And this is my life

The good news is that Tucker is actually engaging with them after having a couple bad days.  Normally he would leave the deck though :(

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Well, wouldn't you know it.

Here I was thinking Advanced Rally was going to be a heck of a battle for us, and the little dog all of a sudden pulls out his rock star moves.

Our first run at practice today was rough around the edges, but he did stick 'near' me.  Our second run was fantastic, with the young man sticking to me like glue, pulling off all his moves, AND only taking the jump when it was requested.  This success came with 6 people milling around the course acting as distractions, and another dog following us.  Epic didn't even cast an eye to the other dog, although they are his kryptonite.

I was floored, but certainly took the opportunity to praise the snot out of the little beast.

*I can be a good dog! I can be a good dog like you wanted!*

Saturday, February 25, 2012


We finally got Tucker's test results back late last week.  It looks like his parathyroid is fine, so that suggests that there are minuscule tumours hidden somewhere in the big guy.  There is nothing to be done for that, so we'll keep on managing the kidneys and any symptoms that crop up.

The last week has been ridiculously average.  Dogs get up, eat, get crated, get un-crated, eat, and run around like wild animals in-between.

We had our second Advanced rally class last weekend.  Epic and I have previously been in the Excellent classes, but weren't able to work on offleash skills there.  The Advanced class is better tailored to us (and it is to my advantage that I already know all the signs).  As soon as I slipped off the collar the terrierist went nuts and began a crazy "run to the back door, run to the food bowl" loop.  I was allowed to put my leash back on then ... The next round was considerably better, and there are some glimpses of hope.  He amazes me regularly.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The only family portrait we'll ever get

I really hate the quality of blogger photos.  Click for a better view.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Best I can do with a laptop touchpad

Lets consider this dog.  He's coming up on 3 years old (April).  He *knows* two sports, and plays one quite well.  He's quiet and clean in his crate, sleeps the night without problem, and is quite willing to sleep in with me. He has 30+ tricks that can be strung together.  He plays nicely with most dogs, behaves in the dog park, loves people, and is a car-ride champ.

He resource guards.  I mostly have this taken care of, but there are some situations that I simply "manage" as opposed to "train".  They are beyond me at this time, and I'd rather he not practice the behaviour while I figure out how to deal with it.  His favourite resources are the good foods, and me, and he will defend against dog and person alike. 

The problem: how did THIS become the Epic that people know (and the one that *I* even talk about), as opposed to the guy I described in the first paragraph? 

We do the same with Dixie.  It's not fair, and I'll try to knock it off now.  You're welcome.

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's this or homework.

I choose this.  And by this, I mean anything but homework.

Unfortunately, we're not going to get any results back from Tucker's blood work until Friday. This disappoints me, as it has been two weeks already.  He's not getting any younger, nor is he getting any better.

Dull day.  I haven't participated in any of their reindeer games. I fed them (4 dogs, 4 different dog foods, 3 supplements, and 1 dog that gives me grief about eating), let them out of their crates, cut nails, and that was about the extent of it.

Left to Right: Tucker, Bailey, Dixie, and Epic. Accidentally put a bowl in the wrong spot and I'm hooped.

 *Tash. You HAVE to hurry. I'm fading*

Beyond that, Epic barked a lot, ate a toy, stole a sweater, and played some ball with Judy while I pretended to do homework. Dixie barked a lot, watched Epic eat a toy and steal a sweater, and chased Epic who was chasing a ball and playing with Judy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog reborn

I think I might use this blog wrong.  I originally wrote long stories about Epic's time with me. I followed with the comics (which I will always continue), but mostly I just don't post.  This is probably a mistake, as this little family continues to age and I'd like to have the memories to look back on someday.

So I'll post more, but it might be pretty dull if you are not us.

The current situation:

Epic - Epic is almost 3 years old now.  We quit flyball.  We started rally obedience.  We yell at each other every day, but snuggle in bed every night.

Ben - Ben still lives with my parents.  He's 10 now, and can't seem to play flyball without limping.  I'll still bring him out for the odd Vets run, but my big guy grows older.

Tucker - Tucker is currently in a health scare, at 11 years old.  A couple weeks ago he suffered acute renal failure and has had to spend a LOT of time at the vets since.  Sadly, he is also in chronic renal failure and that appears to be compacted by some other issue (cancer?).  We are still waiting on those test results.  We're sad for him, but happy for the days we have together.

Bailey - Bailey is 8 years old and a lazy bum who spends 23/24 hours on the couch.

Dixie - Dixie is 4 years old now.  Once upon a time I posted that she was not going to be this houses' next forever dog, and we were just fostering.  That was a blatant lie.  Two years later, she's here to stay and still a pain in the ass.

And that's us playing catch up.

I haven't been feeling well, but yesterday I took Bailey and Tucker out for a walk.  They enjoyed being the centre of attention, and got plenty of pets from admiring fans.  They also reconnected as brothers, which was nice to see.

Epic was next ... walking him is a much different experience.  He yelled at the paper boy.  I shushed him.  He yelled at a poodle.  I shushed him.  I spent a considerable amount of time trying to coax him out of some low shrubbery he was kicking and tearing at.  Who does that!?

Today is pretty darn nice for a February in Saskatoon, so Mr.I-Don't-Want-To-Be-In-I-Want-To-Be-Out was allowed some creature comforts outside.

*Yes, yes.  This will do*