Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My doG, I'm blogging!

Miss me?
It has been a busy few weeks. We moved into the new place, I defended my thesis, and hey! Today's my birthday!
Eppers and Dixie would like to show you their new yard... they like it very much.
*This way please*

It's huge!

We're not exactly unpacked yet, but we are living quite comfortably. Epic is getting used to the dogs next door (we're completely surrounded!), and doesn't spend TOO much time barking like an idiot anymore. We've been away from flyball for about a month now, but we'll be going back this week. In the meantime, Epic is rocking Rally-O, and I'm floundering through academia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy Day

7 comatose dogs. Brilliant!

I lost him there for a little bit. It's a bit of an unusual sleeping spot.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As mentioned before, Epic, roomie, roomie's dogs, and I, are all camping out at my parent's place while we wait to move into the new house. We've been here for a week now. Considering there are 7 dogs in this house right now, it has gone fabulously well! Mom and Dad have a really large yard which the dogs are taking full advantage of. It would be better if it would stop RAINING SOMETIME THIS $%$#@ING CENTURY, but hey, i'll take what I can get... without TOO much complaint.
These pictures were taken early last week. It's considerably grosser out there now
^^ Notice the only crazy dog in the picture is Epic. This is my life.
PLEASE let it stop raining. PLEASE. In the last month Saskatoon has gotten something like 7 inches of rain. 7 inches of rain makes for a LOT of muddy feet to wipe, or floors to mop. Epic and I were at our first Rally-O class last Thursday, watching a big ass cloud roll in over the trees. One torrential downpour later, and so-endeth Rally-O class. I'd REALLY prefer if it didn't rain anymore this week... I'd like Thursday's class to be less wet, and I really don't want to move in the rain again :(