Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So, so bad at updating

I last posted on Thursday? Well.  That was a while ago.

In the past 5 days:

  • Tucker has been back to the vet to get pain medication.
  • Epic and I had our Advanced Rally class, during which he did not rock, but did not suck. Tepid.
  • Epic and I went to Rally drop-in.  This was better.
  • Dixie barked a lot.
  • Bailey slept a lot.
  • And the mark that Epic has made on my heart finally had a physical manifestation:
Epic was kind enough to paint paw prints for me one day.
In the next 5 days:
  • I'm hoping we figure out why Epic feels the need to beat on Tucker so today.  This generally signifies some weakness on Tucker's part.
  • Epic and I go travelling!
Epic and I are off to a Rally trial this weekend.  I lack the courage to do an Advanced run, so we're going to get ring experience by competing in a couple FEO Novice runs.  We've only ever competed at the same building, so this will be an interesting experience.

More importantly, we get to spend the weekend hanging out with our dear friends, and are competing in a couple 'live' Novice Team runs in hope of getting the last leg towards of Novice Team title.  This should be interesting.  While *I* get along with our dear friends quite well, Epic often has other ideas. O.o

Also of interest, we're taking my car.

It'll be a loooooong walk back home when THAT doesn't work out.