Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning Hrrmphs

Morning is a dirty fighter.

If given the chance, it's best to not engage this enemy.


At least Epic had the choice. Dixie got me up at 7:00, and then Bailey puked on the couch.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The End of Crabbiness

Hooray! We have pictures!
Unfortunately, we haven't been up to much in the last little while. Rally-O, flyball, and some schoolwork have kept us busy. So busy, in fact, that all of us really enjoy our time just sitting around in the new house. Some day I'll get off the couch and paint, until then... I'll throw Dixie's toy.
*Oh hi! Throw my toy. Not asking.*
Incredibly subtle, no?
When Epic's not running around like an idiot or noshing on... well... things that shouldn't be noshed on, he can be found doing this ^^.

^^This is even better, 'cuz he can see out the window too. Yes, laying here does involve a fair amount of skill, and the mashing of one's boy parts... but the payout is so worth it. We live right near a large park, where plenty of people walk their dogs. So no cats around here, but plenty of dogs to tell off from ones throne.
Prince Attitude has been a bad boy lately. He's destroyed a few articles of clothing (I know you know what I mean), he pulls stuff off my bookshelf, he broke the roomie's closet door, and he pulled out some attitude at a doggy demo the other day. How am I ever going to survive the terrible twos?

Technical Difficulties

Blogger hasn't let me post pictures in forever, and it's starting to piss me off.
Bah! Stay tuned. With any luck I'll figure out what the problem is before my head blows up.