Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What we've been up to...

Nothing! 'Cept for Epic... he learned to fly!

That's not true. I'm in the middle of what I hope is the final(ish) push to get the first draft of my thesis done and in for revisions. It has become quite clear to me that this will never happen and that I should just give up trying.
Epic thinks so as well, although he's too kind to say anything. Instead, he shows his distaste for my distractedness by being a BAD. PUPPY. Seriously, the damage the little Jack tornado does is astounding.
I've also noticed in the last few days (okay, at flyball on Saturday) that Epic's right hind leg is not as strong as his others. Actually, it's VERY weak compared to them. This is the leg that was occasionally limpy during puppyhood so I'm not surprised that we're having this issue. I'm not entirely sure how to strengthen it, so I'm doing it the good ol' fashioned way... lots and lots of tricks. Specifically, I've taught Epic how to walk on his hind legs as this forces him to use it to balance himself. We've also built a High Five. To do this, Ep has to pop out of a sit and slap my hand with his paw. At the very least, this tires him out!

Friday, January 15, 2010

9 Months!

Happy 9 months baby Epic!

*Boop. Gotcha Mommy!*




Epic thinks to his future:
*STILL needs more cookies*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Have you seen my beachballs?

Cones are off, the berries are gone... the smell is just as gag worthy.
*Wait, I don't understand. WHERE did they go?*
I learned something this last week. Dogs wearing cones are EXTREMELY dangerous. When he wasn't using it as a battering ram, he was trying to saw my leg off with damn thing. Epic's cone was a little small and he was still able to reach himself with the right configuration of limbs. We ended up adding a rolled up towel around his neck. We covered that in vet wrap to make it stay, and it restricted his movement just enough that he couldn't convort himself into position anymore. Home remedy WIN.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bubble Boy

Isn't wild about his cone.
He does look damn cute in it though. His surgery went well, and the challenge now is to keep him from licking. We're on our second cone, and this one is still not quite big enough. He's fairly agile and inventive when it comes to licking positions. If he keeps it up, I'm switching this one out for Dixie's border collie size one. She's a very good girl and is behaving well after her spay... unlike SOMEONE I know.
*Hmmm... no cats. Should go back to the vet, they had a nice cat to chase*

*HATES you Mommy*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye '09, Hello Brand New Epic!

It's the New Year! Lets pretend I'm posting this on the 1st. I'm obviously too late. Actually, lets pretend I didn't post this on the 1st because I went on a 3 day bender to ring in 2010. I didn't, but it seems like a good reason not to blog.
Lets reflect on 2009:
In 2009... I got Epic! Hooray for me!
Benny got his FM in August.
Benny turned 8 in October(!)
Epic completed Puppy Class.
Epic completed Beginner Obedience.
Epic completed Advanced Beginner Obedience.
Epic completed Beginner Flyball.
Epic got on my nerves.
Epic cuddled a lot.
Epic continued to get on my nerves.
I loved them both tons.
Goals for 2010:
Ben continues to run flyball safely.
Epic completes Beginner Agility.
I complete Beginner Agility.
Epic completes Intermediate flyball.
I'd be thrilled if Epic got his FD, or FDX this year. I don't intend to run him much yet.
Work on Epic's heeling, in hopes of starting Beginner Rally-O in the summer.
Last year we went from this:

To this:
And tomorrow we say goodbye to these:

About frickin' time. Everyone wave goodbye to Epic's man berries, and say hello to a brand new year with our favorite JRT! (Don't listen Ben! You're my favorite mutt of all time!)