Monday, September 10, 2012

It happened

Six years.

I've been playing flyball with Benny for six years now.  Always as a start dog.  We've had some ups and downs in his career.  His ball drive sometimes tells him to do bad things, and up until last year, he was known to sometimes head off down the wrong lane on the green light.

In those six years, we've had some good starts... I remember a .001, and a .003.  I also remember some bad ones. The odd .400 and beyond ( O.o ).

Yesterday was day two of a local tournament.  Ben will be 11 years old next month, and we were running on a Veterans team.  Even as an overweight vet, Ben held sub-5 second times all weekend, and I couldn't have been happier with how he was racing.

And then, on our last race of the day, it happened.  What I thought was going to be our first false start of the weekend ended up being a .000.  After six years, at 11 years old, we got a perfect start.

We've had a lot of fun moments together on the lane, Ben and I.  But

The only thing I have that's close to photographic evidence of the start is this small video capture.  You can't see the zeros, but you CAN see numbers on the OTHER timing board, which is NOT ours :)  Ours is a blob of zeros.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two weeks in

Legend is still around 18 inches, and 30 lbs.

Our favourite dog park is open again!!!  We gathered our friends and went for a romp this morning.

Also of note? It's Dixie's 4th birthday!  Time flies when you have a Dixie.

And for an Epic update:  The chiropractic appointment seemed like a success, and we're scheduled to go back in two weeks.  Epic's pelvis is out, and both hips are inflamed.  So he was adjusted, and is on anti-inflamatories for the hips.  Poor bean.