Thursday, November 1, 2012

Digital Writing Month

I have been reminded that it is digital writing month, so I thought I better get on here and update the blog again.  If you are unaware of DigiWriMo, check it out here.  The goal is to produce 50,000 words in the month of November, through digital media.  An interesting challenge, considering this is a medium that values clarity and brevity.

Consider this the start of my personal DigiWriMo challenge, and I'm 71 words in (courtesy of  this nifty word count tool).

As an update on the dogs, Legend is now approximately 6 (pushing 7) months old.  He's 22 inches tall at the withers, and I've absolutely lost track of his weight.  He weighs a lot though.  I know this, because it feels like I'm always man-handling the giant moose dog to 'get him off' this, or 'out of' there.  The once sleepy puppy has woken up and taken on an adolescent role.  Heaven help us.  This week alone, I've lost numerous socks, toys, a bed skirt, and a container of cottage cheese.  While I was standing at the microwave today, the puppy was standing beside me chewing on a chair leg.

To make him even more charming, he puked in the bed a few nights ago.  In his sleep.  Right beside my head.

In less disgusting news, he's also doing very well at rally, and is learning his beginner flyball drills.  Last I checked, he could go down over four jumps and back, at speed, without me having to support him.

Epic has been feeling a little under the weather lately, and seems to suffer from an empty stomach problem in the mornings.  To try and curb this I've been giving him a very substantial bed time snack and probiotics, but we haven't quite resolved the issue yet.  As of right now, he's fighting a bit of a virus and isn't very happy about eating at all.  Poor little fella.

Dixie is still very Dixie-ish.  She came in lame not that long ago, so we've been 'keeping her quiet', which is laughable.  Because it's impossible.

And finally, Bailey.  Bailey just turned 9 years old, and ran in a flyball tournament this last weekend.  He was, of course, as solid as ever, but we did learn that he'll only run for cheese.  Literally.  We tried hot dogs for treats, and apparently hot dogs cause him to leisurely stroll to the start line.

So that's the quick update.  I would hope that throughout this month I should be able to retell some more interesting, creative stories on this blog.  The dogs give me plenty of material; I just need to do something with it.

508 words

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