Friday, November 16, 2012

This week

Well, I'm not doing to great with this word count, am I?  Of course, if you wanted to count my email and Facebook contributions for the month, I'm sure I'm well past my goal.  Because I'm a social media-aholic.  Blogger... not so much.

*What the h*ll is she talking about?*

In somewhat related, but not entirely related news, I'm tired as h*ll.  I'm quite happy the work week is over... who knew four days could feel that long?  While I love my job, it has been a long month or so.  Painful.

I suffer from the affliction of still being pretty new to my job (just over three months), and there's a steep learning curve.  I'm rarely thrown a problem that I just "know" how to handle, and more often than not, I have to teach myself a new function/syntax/language before I'm able to implement a solution or build anything.  This is okay in a lot of respects, but many of the clients are in their busy season, and I just feel out of my league.  Long days.

So I haven't done much with the dogs recently.  I took both Epic and Legend out to rally practice on Sunday, where they both did well.  We skipped flyball class because Legend had a gimpy leg for a while, and our Monday rally class had the night off due to the long weekend... so we've been pretty lazy.  I did work some basic rally stuff at home with the boys this week, but that's all.

Legend also finds himself with an affliction these days... it's called "being a 7 month old puppy".  He's terribly misunderstood.  He didn't pull the trim off the hallway floor... he was just helping me put my flooring tools away.  He didn't eat my work gloves, he was just saving me from washing them.  He didn't un-stuff all those stuffies... he was just looking to silence the squeakers so they didn't disturb us. He's a very helpful puppy.

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